FSPCA Preventive Controls Qualified Individuals (PCQI) for Human Foods – Craft Beverage

FSPCA Preventive Controls Qualified Individuals (PCQI) for Human Foods – Craft Beverage

Preventive Controls for Human Foods has emerged as the primary food safety system throughout FDA-regulated industries. However, this standard foundation doesn't offer usable, practical guidance or training for the craft beverage industry. Large wholesale customers are now requiring producers to implement a food safety plan as part of their production process.

Preventive Controls for Humans Foods – Craft Beverages offers brewers a unique opportunity to work through customized group exercises and plans focusing on beer, cider, and kombucha production. The goal is to maintain compliance with industry regulations and business partners and to meet customer expectations.

As brewers develop new formulations to compete in a hyper-competitive marketplace, allergens and other hazards can make breweries susceptible to recalls and lawsuits. Upon full completion of the class, participants are awarded a certificate of completion from the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance and can be designated as a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI).


Breweries & Brewers

Topics Include

  • Hazard Analysis 
  • Control Measures 
  • Allergen Controls 
  • Sanitation Controls
  • Supplier Controls

Learning Objectives

Group exercises include: 

  • Session Saison
  • Spiced Brown Ale
  • Sweet Coconut Cider
  • Kombucha
FSPCA Preventive Controls Qualified Individuals (PCQI) for Human Foods – Craft Beverage

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Chris Reedy
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Level: Intermediate

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Delivered in-person in a classroom or lab setting.
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