STEM Outreach

STEM Outreach

BioNetwork is dedicated to connecting industry skills with education through a range of career-focused classroom activities, special events, and workshops for students and faculty across North Carolina. Our events are held at the host's location which can include both public schools and community college campuses.

Deciding on a career pathway can be a daunting task for anyone, especially for younger people. Career exploration is simply learning about various occupations and matching up to an individual’s unique skills, interests, and values. By researching multiple careers, students can make more informed decisions about careers they might like to pursue and the education required to work in the field.

Career Exploration

Would you like to host hundreds of prospective students on your college campus for a fun day of science and mystery?

What is E.A.S.E.?
E.A.S.E. is a one-day outreach program designed to expose middle school students to nontraditional STEM careers and to feature your community college as a great first choice for STEM education. Students will visit your campus, interact with your faculty/staff, and use engaging hands-on STEM activities to solve a mystery.

EASE (Effective Authentic Science Event)

Have you been looking for a way to bring families and/or the general community together onto your campus but don’t have the time for planning or resources to make it happen? BioNetwork has the program for you!

Community Science Night (CSN) is an event designed to engage STEM enthusiasts of all ages through inquiry-based hands-on activities. We have done all the legwork developing activities and will also provide ALL necessary materials (equipment and consumables) as well as training. All your organization will need to provide is the space and a few volunteers!

BioNetwork’s STEM Outreach Team is available to support your school and programs! Some examples include professional development for faculty and staff, no-cost lab and college classroom visits, hands-on vertical alignment PD hosted at the college for middle and high school educators, individualized assistance with equipment or grant acquisition, curriculum materials, and more.

Mastering the Micropipettor

Faculty Professional Development

BioNetwork offers specialized networking events and professional development workshops for educators. These events provide the opportunity for educators to explore new interactive ideas for their students and to engage with others in the field.
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Curriculum Development

BioNetwork specializes in the creation and implementation of large outreach events. These programs are designed to make it easy for community colleges to be recognized as a local STEM destination. Example programs include: middle school forensic events, STEM summer camps, high school career exploration, and family science nights.

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STEM Outreach

STEM Outreach

Our outreach programs include classroom visits, faculty training workshops, and career fairs that help connect bioscience industry skills with K12 and community college STEM education. Contact us for more information.

Courtney Behrle, Senior Director of STEM Outreach