Food Defense Refresher

Food Defense

Intentional Adulteration of ingredients and/or finished products is an important issue for manufacturing since it was passed as part of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Numerous cases of adulteration by disgruntled employees have happened over the past decade that hurt consumer confidence in numerous food brands. 3rd party audit certification bodies like SQF and BRC now require employees to undergo yearly training to meet their specifications around food defense training. Participation in this refresher is one way to meet those requirements. In this 1 hour food defense refresher course participants will learn about basic food defense policies and procedures. A 5 question knowledge check, provided by BioNetwork, is included to evaluate participant understanding.


From Production operators to Management

Topics Include

  • Food Defense plan requirements
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • High Risk factors
  • Key Activity Types
  • Broad mitigation strategies that affect employee behavior
  • Food Defense awareness
  • FIRST line of defense
  • ALERT concepts
  • See Something, Say Something
  • Food Fraud (if requested)

Learning Objectives

  • Understand Food Defense Plan requirements
  • Understand mitigation strategies that may be integral to their job tasks
  • Know what manufacturing areas may be at high risks
  • Better understand why policies and procedures may limit access to certain areas of the plant.
  • Recognize the concepts around ALERT and FIRST training.
Food Defense Refresher

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