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The Natural Products Lab (NPL) offers analytical testing services and onsite equipment rental for life science businesses, entrepreneurs, and researchers. Quality assurance tests available range from total ash value to water activity testing and can include tailored GC and HPLC methods for your ingredients or finished product.

We’re always looking to expand our services by working on new projects. Contact us to talk about our testing capabilities and training opportunities. Visit the Natural Products Laboratory Services at AB Tech to learn more.

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Natural Products Laboratory
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Training Solutions
Allergen Refresher for Food Manufacturing

Does your facility produce products with multiple types of allergens? 30% of all recalls stem… more

Artisanal Probiotic Cultures

Would you like to learn how to grow cultures that will aid digestion, preserve foods, and add… more

Barbecue Blasphemy

What is 'real' BBQ?  Are the techniques used by notable pitmasters a mystery to you?  Are you… more

Basic Microbiological Lab Skills

Manufacturing processes for a wide range of pharmaceutical, food, and dietary supplement… more

Basic Microscope Skills

Are you a lab technician? Quality control or assurance personnel? Or employed in the food,… more

Basic Technical Writing

Students will learn how to write using the three most commonly needed skills in any type of… more

Beer Tasting and Evaluation

With as many options on the beer aisle as today, it can be intimidating and confusing.  It's… more

Canning Basics

Canning is the perfect way to preserve the flavor of your favorite foods at their freshest so… more

CGMP Refresher for Food Manufacturing

Does your 3rd party audit certification body require employees to undergo yearly training to… more

Craft Beer: Basic Laboratory Skills, Microbiology, Analytical Chemistry & Instrumentation

Explore foundational bench skills and essential safety knowledge for the brewery quality… more

Craft Beer: Basic Laboratory Skills, Microbiology, Analytical Chemistry & Instrumentation

In the second part of this introductory series, students will identify and begin to apply… more

Craft Beer: Basic Laboratory Skills, Microbiology, Analytical Chemistry & Instrumentation

Part three of the series will include basic chemistry techniques and some more advanced… more

Creating Wild Probiotics

Wild microbes live in the environment all around us, and ancient humans believed they were a… more

Elements of HACCP

This course equips food production employees and floor supervisors with all they need to know to… more

Elements of Preventive Controls

The Current Good Manufacturing Practice, Hazard Analysis, and Risk-based Preventive Controls for… more

Expert OJT

Is your business training new employees or apprentices?  Has turnover created a situation where… more

Elements of Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) for the Food, Beverage, and Natural Products Industries

Learn to grow probiotic cultures that will aid digestion, preserve foods, and add flavor and… more

Food Defense Refresher

Intentional Adulteration of ingredients and/or finished products is an important issue for… more

FSPCA Preventive Controls For Human Foods: Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI)

Are you looking to become a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI)?

Completing… more

FSPCA Preventive Controls Qualified Individuals (PCQI) for Human Foods – Craft Beverage

Preventive Controls for Human Foods has emerged as the primary food safety system throughout FDA… more

Fundamentals of Food Safety

Keeping food safe for human or animal consumption means knowing how to execute quality safety… more

Growing Koji: The Magic Inside Soy Sauce and Tempeh

Koji is a type of mold often used in Japanese cuisine. It is responsible for miso, tempeh, soy… more

HACCP and Sanitation for Craft Beverages

Experience the process of creating an alcoholic beverage-based Hazard Analysis and Critical… more

HACCP/PCQI Refresher

Did you know that 3rd party audit certification bodies expect employees to have a basic… more

Herbal QC: Analytical Methods

Having a sound quality control (QC) system in place and meeting the documentation standards for… more

Introduction to Sensory Science

Sensory evaluation of food and beverages isn't just for brewers or food scientists! Have you… more

Introductory HACCP

Developing or following a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan can be daunting.… more

Kyaraben or Character bento

Kyaraben or character bento, is a style of bento that incorporates dishes that are designed and… more

Methods of Home Mushroom Cultivation

Learn about the mushroom life cycle and varieties of mushrooms that are easiest to grow at home… more

Molecular Cocktails

Entertain your party guests with molecular cocktails that foam, spew dragon’s breath, freeze in… more

Phytochemistry: Actions and Applications

An understanding of the chemical structures in plants is advantageous to produce the most… more

Quality Risk Management

Quality Risk Management is utilized by companies to determine where the risks lie that may… more

Sake Brewing

This course is a fun and unique opportunity to learn how to brew sake. There are only 14 sake… more

Segment Two - Seafood HACCP (AFDO Accredited)

Advance your food safety career with a certificate from the Association of Food and Drug… more

Sensory Evaluation of Fermented Food and Beverages of the World

Learn the skills to become a taste tester and enjoy exotic fermented food and beverages from… more

FSPCA Preventive Controls Qualified Individuals (PCQI) for Human Foods – Craft Beverage

Could your brewery benefit from a well-developed sensory evaluation program?   Many breweries… more

Phytochemistry: Herbal Preparations

Do you have an amazing herbal product you’d like to share with the world? Then this is the… more

Testing Moisture Content, pH, and Water Activity in Food

Develop your analytical skills by performing pH, acidity, water activity, and moisture content… more

The Art of Making Fruit Wine

Traditional wine is Fabulous, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to create wine… more

Writing Effective SOP's

Students will learn how to write an effective Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) as well as why… more