Aseptic Processing

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing relies on the skillful application of aseptic techniques.

Aseptic Processing

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing relies on the skillful application of aseptic techniques to ensure the manufacture and distribution of sterile drug products. Due to the chemically fragile nature of heat-labile drugs, including many biologics and proteinaceous molecules, aseptic processing is utilized to manufacture product that is typically delivered by injection directly into a patient’s bloodstream. Contamination of these drug products via the introduction of microorganisms, endotoxins or particulates leads to product failure, product destruction and the potential for illness or death of patients and consumers. In our aseptic processing courses, students experience hands-on training in aseptic techniques in a simulated CGMP biomanufacturing environment to ready them for various careers in the biopharmaceutical industry.

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Aseptic Processing I
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Aseptic Processing II
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Cleanroom Gowning
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Environmental Monitoring Program for Aseptic Processing

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