Career Exploration

Career Exploration

Career Exploration

Deciding on a career pathway can be a daunting task for anyone, especially for younger people. Career exploration is simply learning about various occupations and matching up to an individual’s unique skills, interests, and values. By researching multiple careers, students can make more informed decisions about careers they might like to pursue and the education required to work in the field.

The first step in career exploration is identifying career preferences through a self-assessment. Using tools like this Interest Profiler an individual can generate a list of career paths that are a good fit for someone possessing similar traits.

Although the career paths on a list may appear to be suitable, it does not mean someone should just randomly choose one. There are many other things to consider. Each occupation has characteristics that will make it a better ‘fit’ over others. In these videos, we highlight the breadth of non-traditional career pathways available here in North Carolina and how the NCCCS is the perfect place to jump-start your education.

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Electrophoresis and Gene Editing at Pairwise

Interested in more nutritious and delicious produce? Well, at Pairwise, that is their mission! Through their breakthrough genome editing technologies, Pairwise works to bring exciting new products to market that are more enticing, more convenient, and more likely to end up in people’s grocery carts. They believe the first step in improving our quality of life is to make healthy choices the easy choice. Watch and learn about careers that aim to change how people eat—for good.

Immunology at MedTox

An industry leader in the development and validation of medical testing, LabCorp’s laboratories are internationally known as incubators for innovation and technological advancement.Their dedicated and experienced scientists and technicians develop rapid tests to detect illegal drugs in bodily fluids. Join us for a special behind-the-scenes tour of the MedTox at LabCorp’s Campus in Burlington, NC, to see a “day in the life” of their scientists!

This video introduces viewers to careers in applied biotechnology, assay creation, and immunology.

Outdoor Careers in Water Quality

Are you interested in STEM but don’t like the idea of working in a lab all day? Then, perhaps a career in water quality is for you! Water quality is a term that is used to describe the condition of water for a particular purpose, like swimming or drinking. In this video, taped on the high seas, you will see how scientists work to ensure our waters’ safety and quality.

This video introduces viewers to careers in applied biotechnology, water quality, environmental science and management, sustainable technologies, and marine science.

It is always a pleasure to renew the alliance with the professionals from Bionetwork to provide the opportunity for 8th graders in the ICC service area to experience the EASE program.  We are already starting to make plans for next year (400 students)!  This event has become one of the most talked about and impactful outreaches that ICC offers to the local school systems.

Mark Franklin, Director of Customized Training and Development, Isothermal Community College

STEM Outreach

STEM Outreach

STEM Outreach

Our outreach programs include classroom visits, faculty training workshops, and career fairs that help connect bioscience industry skills with K12 and community college STEM education. Contact us for more information.

Courtney Behrle, Senior Director of STEM Outreach