EASE (Effective Authentic Science Event)

Would you like to host hundreds of prospective students on your college campus for a fun day of science and mystery? 

EASE (Effective Authentic Science Event)

Why should my college host this event?  

Middle school is a critical age for career exploration, and BioNetwork provides all of the materials to make it easy for your college to reach out to these young students. With the ready-to-go EASE program, you'll introduce future students to your faculty, facilities, and programs. Impress your community stakeholders, administration, and board of trustees. An event like this is guaranteed to bring positive press to your campus.

Why Middle School?  

The life science industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in NC, yet most students are unaware of the diversity of career opportunities available. Middle school is a critical age for career exploration and is identified by researchers as the time when students begin to lose interest in math and science. By reaching these students early there is an increased chance we can beat the decline in STEM interest, introduce future students to the Career & College Promise program, and make them aware of the diversity of educational opportunities available locally.

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What is EASE?  

EASE is a one-day outreach program designed to expose middle school students to nontraditional STEM careers and to feature your community college as a great first choice for STEM education. Students will visit your campus, interact with your faculty/staff, and use engaging hands-on STEM activities to solve a mystery.

EASE combines video with realistic hands-on activities that highlight the science behind forensics. First, students watch a short film that sets the stage for a crime scene investigation. Students run the crime lab and use forensic science to test each piece of evidence.  Experiments include electrophoresis, chromatography, blood typing, tread analysis, and powder identification.



Request an EASE

To request an EASE event, please fill out our STEM Event Request Form.

Please note that EASE is a proprietary resource of BioNetwork. We do not disclose or share any activities, designs, or resources associated with EASE. Unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution is strictly prohibited.  

Please feel free to utilize our General Program Development Guide that was developed to guide educators and organizations interested in starting a similar program.

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EASE (Effective Authentic Science Event)

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