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Shift Work
If you are thinking about a career in biotechnology or manufacturing, shift work is a way of life that you will have to accept. Follow... read more
Manufacturing Facility Tour
Are you interested in a career in biotechnology or manufacturing? This short interactive exploration provides a peek inside a typical... read more
In BioNetwork’s Counting Cells with a Hemocytometer you will learn how to: Count cells using a Hemocytometer.  Recognize living cells vs... read more
Lesson 3: In this guided exercise, learners will explore environmental protection policies, look at the purpose of and use of Material... read more
cGMP Bloodborne Pathogens
Lesson 2: Bloodborne Pathogeons explores the fundamentals, transmission methods, and prevention techniques for reducing the risk of... read more
cGMP Basics
Lesson 1: Introduction to Current Good Manufacturing Practices, introduces the fundamentals of cGMP and how they apply to the companies... read more


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How to Use an Analytical Balance
Learn how to use an analytical balance. In this video, we'll explore the steps and techniques required to set up, take measurements, and... read more
Oil Immersion Microscopy Animation
Explore oil immersion microscopy in this short animated video that explains the use of immersion oil for enhanced image resolution.
Use and Care of a Microscope
Learn how to use a microscope, see it in action, and then head to the lab to practice working hands-on. In this video, Clarence (our... read more
Microscope for Beginners - Questions and Answers
In this video, Jeff talks through some common issues and questions that beginners experience when learning to use a microscope.  We'll... read more
BioNetwork Capstone Center
Capstone Center in Raleigh is BioNetwork's premiere worker training facility.  At Capstone, fundamental scientific understanding meets... read more
Golden LEAF Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center
The Golden LEAF Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center (BTEC) in Raleigh is home to two top-tier learning organizations: NC State... read more