Personalized College Support

Personalized College Support

BioNetwork’s STEM Outreach Team is available to support your school and programs! Some examples include professional development for faculty and staff, no-cost lab and college classroom visits, hands-on vertical alignment PD hosted at the college for middle and high school educators, individualized assistance with equipment or grant acquisition, curriculum materials, and more.

Classroom Visits

Our coordinators will come to your life science classes and deliver an engaging hands-on lab experience tailored to your curriculum. We have class sets of equipment and a variety of lessons that put a fresh spin on traditional laboratory exercises. View our community college lab activities list, make your selection, and request a visit today! If you'd like for us to customize an activity for your classroom, please contact us directly at

Lab Activities
The Case of the Bloody Bumper
Explore the significance of antibody-antigen interaction and its role in immunoprecipitation... more
Sizing Up Molecules (with Electrophoresis)
Explore the concept of electrophoresis and how it is used to analyze different molecules. Analyze... more
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Professional Development

We offer a variety of professional development opportunities for college instructors and middle/high school educators. These opportunities can include content-specific activities, pedagogical methods, team-building, and soft-skills reinforcement. PD workshops for middle- and high school educators or counselors hosted at your institution can bring opportunities for vertical alignment and promotion of your specific programs. View our current professional development opportunities, or request a PD today! If you'd like us to customize an event for your school, please contact us directly at

If you are a member of the biology faculty, consider joining NC3ABI, an organization meant to continuously improve biology instruction at two-year institutions and foster fellowship and communication among NC community college biology faculty. All full time and part-time biology faculty are invited to attend annual regional and statewide events.

Connect with this group via FaceBook or join us for a meeting!


Other Resources

Do you need help troubleshooting a lab activity or piece of equipment? Are you looking for new activities and ways to engage your students or to reach K12 students in your area? Do you have a unique outreach event or idea we could support? We would love to collaborate with you on whatever project you have in mind - our goal is to meet your needs wherever possible! Let us know how we can be of service by contacting us directly at

STEM Outreach

STEM Outreach

STEM Outreach

Our outreach programs include classroom visits, faculty training workshops, and career fairs that help connect bioscience industry skills with K12 and community college STEM education. Contact us for more information.

Courtney Behrle, Senior Director of STEM Outreach