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Improving Lives
Let's talk about some ways that biotechnology improves the lives of people. Here are just a few... read more
Getting Your First Job in BioManufacturing
How do you get started working in this industry? Hear from employers and BioWork graduates about... read more
Creating an Elevator Pitch
The ability to professionally introduce yourself in a compelling way can set you apart from the... read more
BioWork 4060: Making Media
Learn how to make a simple type of media called LB+ which is commonly used for growing E. coli. In... read more
BioWork 3020: Measuring Small Distances with a Caliper
Dimensional checks are quality control procedures in which a sample of items are measured against... read more
BioWork 3050: Measuring Weight
See how to determine the maximum range of a top loading balance, and learn how to calibrate it... read more
BioWork 7030: Aseptic Transfers on an Open Bench
Transferring sterile liquids or cultures from one container to another is one of the most common... read more
Environmental Monitoring
This module describes Environmental Monitoring and how Environmental Monitoring programs work to... read more
Personnel & Environmental Monitoring, Microbiology Overview
Environmental monitoring and microbiological testing play critical roles in ensuring the safety of... read more
Creating Your Biopharma Resume
Did you know that there are on average 100-250 resumes submitted for every biopharma position? This... read more
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