Capstone Center

Capstone Center
850 Oval Drive
Raleigh, NC 27695
Phone: 919-515-0232


Industry-grade tools and a certified cleanroom suite mirror a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.  Watch this short video to learn more.
Capstone Center is located in the Golden LEAF BTEC building on NC State's Centennial campus in Raleigh.

Lab Equipment
ABI 7500 FAST PCR Model: 0000
Agilent Bioanalyzer Model: 2100
Analytcial Balance Model: S94790C
Analytical Balance Model: XS105
Automated Vial Filler Model: FSAS-2205
Baker Safety Cabinet Model: SG403A
BioLog Ovation Pipette Model: 3006338
Champs Scale Model: 0000
Cozzoli Vial Washer Model: GW24 315
Depyrogenation Oven Model: 0000
EDVOTEK Dual Power Source Model: EVT 300
Excella Eco-170 CO2 Incubator Model: ECO-170-115
Finn-Aqua Double Door Autoclave Model: 6915-D-CA-BPS
Fluorescence Microscope Model: BX53-F
Freeze Dryer DuraDry Model: FD2085C0100
Freeze Dryer DuraStop Model: TDS4C0B51B0
GE Aktaprime Plus Model: 0000
Genesys Spectophotometer Model: G10S UV-Vis
GG&B Automated Gram Stainer Model: AGS-1000
Harvard Trip Balance Model: 0000
Ipela Network Camera Model: SNC-RZ50N
Isotemp Water Bath Model: 2320
Isotemp Water Bath Model: 205
Isotemp Water Bath Model: 2340
Labline Water Bath Model: 18000
Leica EX 4 Microscope Model: 0000
Leica Microscope Model: 1349521X
Leica Microscope Model: 13595XXX
Locator Jr Plus Dewar Model: 0000
Manostat Varistaltic Pump Model: 72-310-000
MAS 100NT Air Sampler Model: 100NT
Misonix Sonicator Model: S3000
Multiskan FC Model: 357
Oakton pH/mV/C meter Model: pH 510 Series
Osmometer Model: 3320
Pall WandMixer Model: RDUA003A
Refrigerator Model: RGL2304A
Refrigerator Model: 13-986-111A
Sartorius BioSealer Model: 0000
Shellab CO2 Incubator Model: 2440
Sonicator/Water Bath Model: FS110
Steri-test Symbio LFH Model: SYMBCH01
Stirrer/Hotplate Model: 11-100-100SH
Thermo Scientfic Incubator Model: PR205075G
Tuttnauer autoclave Model: 3850E-B/L
UltraMeter II 6P Model: 0000
Under Bench Refrigerator Model: DE 041
Vortex 2 Genie Model: G-560
Vortex Genie Model: G-560
Voyager Pro Weigh Scale Model: VP2102CN
Wave Bioreactor Model: 2/10 EH
Weigh Balance Model: AR0640
Weigh Balance Model: 0000
Weigh Balance Model: AR1530
Welch Vacuum Pump Model: 8917A