Capstone Center

Capstone Center
850 Oval Drive
Raleigh, NC 27695
Phone: 919-515-0232


Industry-grade tools and a certified cleanroom suite mirror a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. Capstone Center is located in the Golden LEAF BTEC building on NC State's Centennial campus in Raleigh.

Lab Equipment
ABI 7500 FAST PCR Model: 0000
Agilent Bioanalyzer Model: 2100
Analytcial Balance Model: S94790C
Analytical Balance Model: XS105
Automated Vial Filler Model: FSAS-2205
Baker Safety Cabinet Model: SG403A
BioLog Ovation Pipette Model: 3006338
Champs Scale Model: 0000
Cozzoli Vial Washer Model: GW24 315
Depyrogenation Oven Model: 0000
EDVOTEK Dual Power Source Model: EVT 300
Excella Eco-170 CO2 Incubator Model: ECO-170-115
Finn-Aqua Double Door Autoclave Model: 6915-D-CA-BPS
Fluorescence Microscope Model: BX53-F
Freeze Dryer DuraDry Model: FD2085C0100
Freeze Dryer DuraStop Model: TDS4C0B51B0
GE Aktaprime Plus Model: 0000
Genesys Spectophotometer Model: G10S UV-Vis
GG&B Automated Gram Stainer Model: AGS-1000
Harvard Trip Balance Model: 0000
Ipela Network Camera Model: SNC-RZ50N
Isotemp Water Bath Model: 2320
Isotemp Water Bath Model: 205
Isotemp Water Bath Model: 2340
Labline Water Bath Model: 18000
Leica EX 4 Microscope Model: 0000
Leica Microscope Model: 1349521X
Leica Microscope Model: 13595XXX
Locator Jr Plus Dewar Model: 0000
Manostat Varistaltic Pump Model: 72-310-000
MAS 100NT Air Sampler Model: 100NT
Misonix Sonicator Model: S3000
Multiskan FC Model: 357
Oakton pH/mV/C meter Model: pH 510 Series
Osmometer Model: 3320
Pall WandMixer Model: RDUA003A
Refrigerator Model: RGL2304A
Refrigerator Model: 13-986-111A
Sartorius BioSealer Model: 0000
Shellab CO2 Incubator Model: 2440
Sonicator/Water Bath Model: FS110
Steri-test Symbio LFH Model: SYMBCH01
Stirrer/Hotplate Model: 11-100-100SH
Thermo Scientfic Incubator Model: PR205075G
Tuttnauer autoclave Model: 3850E-B/L
UltraMeter II 6P Model: 0000
Under Bench Refrigerator Model: DE 041
Vortex 2 Genie Model: G-560
Vortex Genie Model: G-560
Voyager Pro Weigh Scale Model: VP2102CN
Wave Bioreactor Model: 2/10 EH
Weigh Balance Model: AR0640
Weigh Balance Model: 0000
Weigh Balance Model: AR1530
Welch Vacuum Pump Model: 8917A