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Food Manufacturing

Food Manufacturing courses will be listed soon.
Community college curriculum and degree programs are designed to provide the industry critical skills required to succeed in the biotechnology and life sciences fields. Bringing industry, students and faculty together, these programs build a stronger workforce for North Carolina.
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Learn skills now online by viewing free videos and using eLearning applications for biotech processes, equipment, and foundational science concepts.

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Understanding Serological Pipettes
Serological pipettes are used for measuring and transferring volumes of solution. Your technique... read more
Transformation - Replicating Singularity
This video demonstration illustrates the transformation of E. coli cells with the pUCA plasmid.
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Capstone Center in Raleigh is BioNetwork's premiere worker training facility.  At Capstone,... read more
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Lesson 3: In this guided exercise, learners will explore environmental protection policies, look at... read more
cGMP Bloodborne Pathogens
Lesson 2: Bloodborne Pathogeons explores the fundamentals, transmission methods, and prevention... read more
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This interactive lesson covers the basics of Spectrophotometry including: a general overview of... read more
Sterile Gowning Procedures
Sterile Gowning Procedures is a serious game that teaches the steps for proper sterile gowning and... read more