Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP)

Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP)


In this program, we’ll look at the production of Green Fluorescent Protein. GFP is used as a biological marker, and when attached to a drug it can provide researchers with a visual story of where the drug goes. It's a fluorescent dye that's very well tolerated by most cells and doesn't interfere with normal cellular function.

Let’s examine the 3 main phases of GFP production – Fermentation, Recovery, and Purification.

Fermentation is basically cell farming. We program cells to produce a product, we nurture them as they grow and reproduce, and then we harvest them. In recovery we separate our product from the cells where they were housed. And then in purification we go a step further by removing everything else that's contaminating our product leaving us with a very pure, concentrated solution.

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