Career Development

Career Development

Career Development


Successfully landing a job in the biopharma industry starts with a strong resume and excellent interview skills. In this series, you will learn valuable tips and guidelines that will ensure you stand out from the crowd.  

Creating Your Biopharma Resume
Creating Your Biopharma Resume – Introduction

Did you know that there are on average 100-250 resumes submitted for every biopharma position? This series will help you land that new position by exploring useful tips and techniques for crafting the perfect resume.

Creating Your Biopharma Resume: Part 1 – Setting Up the Basics

Everything starts with a strong foundation. In this lesson, you will learn the basic building blocks of the resume that serves as the foundation for all of your content.

Creating Your Biopharma Resume: Part 2 – Showcasing Your Transferable Skills

Understanding how past experiences can apply to your new position within the biopharma industry is a critical tool to landing a new job. This lesson will show you how to present  your existing experiences and skills as valuable assets for potential employers.

 Creating Your Biopharma Resume: Part 3 – Being Concise and Specific – and Other Writing Tips

Resumes are a snapshot of your skills and experience. The key is to be as concise and specific as possible. Here you will learn how to streamline your content to improve your resume.

 Creating Your Biopharma Resume: Part 4 – Highlight Your Education

Education plays a critical role when applying for a position in the biopharma industry. Learn how to showcase your education background and experiences to potential employers.

Creating Your Biopharma Resume: Part 5 – Creating a Summary Section

Bring your resume into focus with a summary section that highlights your most valuable skills and experience. In this lesson, you will explore how to showcase the best aspects of your resume.

 Creating Your Biopharma Resume: Part 6 – Tailor Your Resume

Every job and every company that you apply to will have its own specific needs and requirements. Explore ways to customize your resume to target each job opportunity to maximize your chances as a potential employee.

Creating Your Biopharma Resume: Part 7 – Set Yourself Up for Success

Your resume is almost complete and now it’s time for a final review. Learn the tips and techniques to ensure your resume is ready for distribution.

Preparing for the Professional Interview
Job Interviewing

Getting ready for a job interview can be a stressful task. Being prepared and having the right information can be critical to making a good impression and landing the job. Learn about important tips and techniques for preparing yourself for the big day with this helpful guided walk through.

Is Shift Work Right for You?
Shift Work

If you are thinking about a career in biotechnology or manufacturing, shift work is a way of life that you will have to accept. Follow along with this interactive exploration of what shift work is, how it impacts your working schedule, and examine both the benefits and drawbacks that are typical for this type of employment.