DeltaV Operator Interface for Batch Processing (7014)

DeltaV Operator Interface for Batch Processing (7014)

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This course is for operators, supervisors, and managers responsible for batch process operations using the DeltaV System.

This self-paced 18-hour course uses lectures and activities to provide an in-depth overview of DeltaV operations. It includes all content in course 7012 plus the Objectives below.

The training is available 24/7 on Emerson’s Learning Management System (LMS). Blended courses are comprised of pre-recorded lectures and a cloud based DeltaV machine for workshop exercises using Standard generic DeltaV configuration.  Even though this is self-paced, ideally this course should be completed over 4-6 days.


  • Process operators
  • Manufacturing associates
  • Supervisors
  • Managers

Topics Include

  • System Overview
  • Accessing DeltaV Operate
  • Window, Menus Displays and Directories
  • Discrete, Analog, Regulatory and Cascade Control Module Operation
  • Motor Control Module Operation
  • Accessing Alarm Displays/Alarm Handling
  • Accessing Real-time/Historical Trend Data
  • Accessing Process History View
  • Sequential Function Chart Operation
  • Phase and Recipe Controls
  • Batch Operator Interface
  • Batch Historian
  • Campaign Manager

Learning Objectives

  • Understand basic batch terminology
  • Manipulate Unit Module parameters
  • Access the Batch Operator Interface
  • Run procedures
  • Review batch history data
DeltaV Operator Interface for Batch Processing (7014)

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