Career Development: Computer Literacy


This workshop will review computer functionality from a new user’s perspective. It is for anyone who is new to computers and the Internet. Computer Literacy 1 starts from booting a machine, understanding basic Windows, and the computer parts that make up your machine. After you get a feel for computer hardware and operating systems, you will explore Information Technology, including different types of computers, laptops and mobile devices. You will move on to the Internet and its protocols. This workshop will cover how to find information and use common communication functions such as email and how to stay safe on the Internet.


For those unemployed or underemployed or would like to learn more to enhance their career development skills.

  • Learn or improve computer skills. 
  • Learn how to navigate the internet safely.
  • Explore Information Technology protocols.
  • Gain knowledge and skills on the World Wide Web.
  • Learn basic computer functionality
  • Understand computer hardware and operating systems
  • Explore Information Technology and internet protocols
  • Review common communication functions such as email and how to stay safe on the internet
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Career Development: Computer Literacy
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Delivered online with a live instructor at a scheduled date and time.

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