Canning Basics

Canning Basics

Canning is the perfect way to preserve the flavor of your favorite foods at their freshest so you can enjoy them all year long. However, if you’re new to canning, it can be quite overwhelming. In our Canning Basics class, we’ll discuss the water-bath canning process in detail; you’ll even get some hands-on practice to perfect your technique! We’ll also cover the necessary equipment and ingredients to help you create a fruit jam that is safe and delicious. To top it off, you’ll leave with the fruits of your labor!


  • General public
  • Canning enthusiasts
  • Cooking enthusiasts
  • Sustainability enthusiasts

Topics Include

  • Water bath canning method
  • Relevant food safety concerns and hazards
  • Proper technique, ingredients, and equipment

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn proper water bath canning methods.
  2. Understand relevant food preservation safety hazards and concerns.
  3. Gain experience and confidence by practicing hands-on food preservation.
  4. Feel comfortable with your understanding of basic canning techniques including but not limited to:
    1. Utensil and tools required.
    2. How to choose optimal produce for preservation.
    3. Time management.
Canning Basics

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