Bio-Agricultural Program Readiness Opportunity

Bio-Agricultural Program Readiness Opportunity

The Bio-Agricultural Program Readiness Opportunity (BioAg PRO) provides practical, hands-on learning and familiarity with cutting-edge techniques, technologies, and equipment used in agriculture and plant sciences. Upon completion of the program, students will earn a BioAg PRO certificate and qualify to take the NC Pesticide Licensing exam.

The BioAg PRO program includes the following courses:

  • BioWork (pre-requisite)
  • BioAg Technology 
  • BioAg Work-Based Learning


This course is designed for entry-level and incumbent workers seeking industry training and hands-on experience related to the Bio-Agriculture industry.

Possible job titles after training:

  • Greenhouse, plant nursery, or garden center associate
  • Indoor plant care associate
  • Landscape Maintenance Assistant
  • Bio-agriculture Technicians
  • Plant Research Associate
  • Greenhouse Specialist
  • Laboratory Technologists/Technicians

Topics Include

  • Plant Sciences
  • Plant Cultivation and Pest Control
  • Production Systems
  • Horticulture
  • Biomanufacturing

Learning Objectives

Students learn the basic skills required to become trained technicians in bioagriculture, agriculture, horticulture, and related fields. Students are equipped to enter the workforce with foundational knowledge related to plants and environmental parameters through classroom instruction, laboratory work, and work-based learning experiences.

Bio-Agricultural Program Readiness Opportunity

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Level: Intermediate

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Delivery Options

On Demand
Can be taken online at any time between the scheduled dates.
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