Beer Tasting and Evaluation

Beer Tasting and Evaluation

With as many options on the beer aisle as today, it can be intimidating and confusing.  It's also exciting to have so many beer styles available to consumers.   That said, it can be hard to figure out which beer style to pick!  Beer Tasting and Evaluation will break down beers by their characteristics, pinpoint aspects we prefer, and where they originate.  We will discuss descriptive analysis and put it into practice focused tasting.  If you're looking to understand the nuances of beer flavors better, then this class is for you.   After this class, you'll be ordering with confidence!


Beginning beer enthusiasts

Topics Include

  • Descriptive analysis
  • Beer styles
  • Beer characteristics
  • Flavor nuances 
  • Focused tasting

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, particpants should...

  • Understanding beer styles
  • Understading focused tasting
  • Comprehend the concepts of descriptive analysis
  • Gain confidence when ordering or recommending beer



Taste test

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Level: Beginner

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Delivered in-person in a classroom or lab setting.
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