Test Kitchen

Test Kitchen Asheville, NC
1463 Sand Hill Road
Tech Commercialization Center (TCC) Room 226
Candler, NC 28715
Phone: 828-398-7947


Our Test Kitchen provides onsite equipment rental for entrepreneurs working on food and beverage product formulation. Commercial, non-traditional, and testing equipment is available. Our clients receive foundational training support before conducting their own research and development. Ingredients and finished products that are used or produced in the Test Kitchen are not intended to be sold for consumption. Please contact us for more information.

Lab Equipment
3D Food Printer Model: Foodini
Airblade Model: AB14-G
Antigriddle Model: Antigriddle
ATP meter Model: SystemSure Plus ATP Luminometer
Bakers Dough Scale Model: BDS-8
Benchtop Food Dehydrator Model: 900CDSHD
Benchtop Freeze Dryer System Model: FreeZone 1: 7740021
Benchtop Spray Dryer Model: Mini Spray Dryer B-290 Inert Loop (B-295), Dehumidifier (B-296), Buchi Spray chilling accessory, Buchi Ultrasonic package, Buchi three fluid nozzle
Chamber Vacuum Model: Vacmaster VP325
Citrus Juicer Model: 55850
Combi Oven Model: Self Cooking Center (SCC WE 101)/ UltraVent Condensation hood 61/101
Countertop Convection Oven Model: Cayenne 40702
Countertop Deep Fryer Model: WDF75RC
Digital Water Meter Model: Dertec Plus Model 20
Electric Pressure Cooker Model: CPC-600
Fermentation Crock Model: Fermenting Pot, 5L
Food Processor Model: FP40C
Freezer Model: HF1-15
Gluten Allergen Detection Model: AGRASTRIP GLUTEN G12
Handheld Food Smoker Model: The Smoking Gun
Handwashing Sink Model: 7-PS-70
Hold Oven Model: 1000-TH-II
Immersion Blender Model: WS5 (WSB50)
Large Mixer Model: SP10
Magnetic Stir Plate Model: MS-1288
Medium Duty Charbroiler Model: Cayenne 40728
Microwave Model: HDC 12''
Mixer Model: SP5
Peristaltic Pump Model: FlexiPump Pro
pH/Dissolved Oxygen Meter Model: Orion A326
Refractometer Model: AR200
Refrigerator Model: HR1-15
Rotary Evaporator Model: Rotavapor R-215; Vacuum Controller V-855; Vacuum Pump V-710; Recirculating Chiller F-105
Salad Spinner Model: SDPE
Salinometer Model: 850036
Shell Freezer Model: 7949020
Sink, 2 Compartment Model: FC‐2‐1818‐18RL‐X
Sink, 3 Compartment Model: pre-rinse assembly: Top-Line TLL13-10000-BR.
Sous Vide System Model: 40861
Steam Kettle Model: KET-3-T
Temperature Monitoring System Model: Smart-Vue 915 MHz
Thermometer Model: Traceable Food HACCP Thermometer (14-649-102)
Timer Model: Traceable Timer (06-664-40)
Ultrasonic bath Model: CRT5A
Ventless Recircultaing Hood System Model: FSH-3.5; Ansul R-102A fire suppression system
Water Activity Meter Model: 4TEV