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BioNetwork’s staff is comprised of professionals who bridge education, industry training and outreach to support biotechnology and life science across NC.

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Analytical Training Laboratory Russ Read 336-734-7651
Biomanufacturing Sarah Schober 828-398-7945
BioWork Amber Baker 828-398-7943
Capstone Center David Yarley 919-513-2320
Food, Beverage, & Natural Products Sarah Schober 828-398-7945
General Questions Vernon Shoaf 704-922-2228
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Mobile Training Laboratory Russ Read 336-734-7651
National Center for the Biotechnology Workforce Mona Cofer 336-734-7205
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Outreach Requests Tanya McGhee 252-757-3519

Frequently Asked Questions

Why BioNetwork?

NC’s biotechnology industry continued to grow to a record 237,665 jobs in 2012, despite the nation’s economic challenges. Job growth is more than triple national growth. BioNetwork’s statewide footprint connects NC’s community colleges involved with biotechnology and life sciences, providing education and training to support this critical industry. In partnership with NC Community College Customized Training Program, BioNetwork develops new advanced learning tools and hands-on opportunities.

I work for Customized Training. How do I get started?

A representative from the System Office can point you in the right direction. Please contact Maria Pharr at 919.807.6969 or Maureen Little at 919.218.7133. We look forward to working with you.

Why is biotechnology such a big deal in NC?

North Carolina has over 525 bioscience and related companies in the state, employing about 58,000 people.The annual salary for entry-level technicians starts at $25,000 to $30,000 and can potentially rise to $50,000 within 5 years. The average salary for all biopharmaceutical manufacturing jobs is $69,000 in North Carolina.Biotechnology companies generate about $4.5 billion in annual revenue in North Carolina.Biotechnology employees represent a payroll of $1.7 billion and around $176 million in state income taxes.In the US, NC ranks:#1 in Contract Research Organizations#2 in Agricultural Biotechnology Research#3 in Biomanufacturing#4 in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in the USA.

What is BioForum?

BioNetwork’s BioForum is a series of virtual conferences with sessions available electronically throughout the calendar year. The goal of BioForum is to teach life science concepts, to showcase industry trends and to promote training opportunities throughout the state.

Are BioNetwork’s eLearning Tools available through the website at any time for anyone?

Yes. Our website offers a variety of online tools, designed to help students get better prepared in advance of upcoming labs or classes. In some cases, complete e-learning courses may be offered.

What are some of the career options that I would be able to look into with an education in the life sciences?

There are numerous fields of work open to you with life science training, including lab and non-lab positions in Research & Development, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Quality Control and Assurance and much more. Click on the Careers tab to learn more.