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Learn about molarity through this interactive scenario where you will assume the role of a new TA working with Dr. Orville Catalisk.
This module includes, the basics of centrifugation, effects of gravity on particles in suspension, operation of a centrifuge, differential... read more
Job Interviewing
Getting ready for a job interview can be a stressful task. Being prepared and having the right information can be critical to making a good... read more
BioNetwork’s Virtual Microscope is the first fully interactive 3D scope - it’s a great practice tool to prepare you for working in a... read more
Drug Development Overview
This eLearning module will give you an understanding of the process used to develop drugs and why it costs so much to bring a new drug to... read more

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This teaser video provides a brief overview of the craft brewing movement that has swept across North Carolina in recent years. It shows NC... read more
This program surveys the craft brewing movement that has swept across North Carolina in recent years, and highlights how our community... read more
Asheville, NC has become a destination for craft beverage producers—with about 20 such facilities in the immediate area—and for fans of... read more
A look at the craft beverage training that takes place in tiny Wentworth, North Carolina, and the impact that it has—and can have—on the... read more
This is a quick look at an important addition to the local scene, both in social and economic terms. Blue Ridge Community College’s (Flat... read more