Basic Microbiological Lab Skills

This course must be taught at a BioNetwork location.

This introductory course is for those interested in a career in a microbiology laboratory - or those new to the field who want to build basic skills. These skills are used in the manufacturing processes for a wide range of pharmaceutical, food, and dietary supplement products, all regulated by the FDA, USDA, and other agencies. The course covers techniques for safely handling, culturing, and examining microorganisms. Topics also include personal protective equipment (PPE), disinfection, aseptic technique, bacterial growth, isolation, microscope use, counting microbes in samples, and record keeping. The course will be held in a laboratory and will include short, informative lectures along with hands-on exercises using basic tools and equipment.

Level: Beginner
Lab Hours: 12.00
Lecture Hours: 4.00
Total Contact Hours: 16.00

Currently Offered

Basic Microbiological Lab Skills - Class begins April 10, 2018

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