Step 8: Final Preparations to Attend

Step 8: Final Preparations to Attend


  1. Has my resume been reviewed and approved?
  2. Am I prepared to attend the event on Brazen at the scheduled time?
    • Have I attended a webinar and reviewed the Brazen Student Resources to get familiar with the Brazen Platform?
    • Have I received a confirmation email from that I'm fully registered on the platform?
  3. Have I applied for positions in advance?


Step 1: Reserve Your Spot - There is no need to re-reserve if you completed this already. Visit Career Fair Home

Step 2: Subscribe to Communications

Step 3: Watch Videos and Complete the Learning Module

Step 4: Prepare and Submit Your Resume for Review

Step 5: Attend/View a Webinar

Step 6: Register on Brazen (The Career Fair Platform)

Step 7: Apply for Positions in Advance

Step 8: Final Preparations to Attend (You are here)