Online Courses

Online Courses

BioNetwork is launching several online courses. The initial phase includes:

  • CGMP Overview for Pharmaceuticals
  • FDA Audit Preparation
  • Disinfection, Sterilization, and Containment
  • Cleanroom Gowning
  • CGMP for Medical Devices
  • Aseptic Processing: Concepts

We anticipate the CGMP Overview for Pharmaceuticals course will be available in late May with other courses rolling out soon thereafter. Click the specific course to the right to reserve your spot.

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The face-to-face and hybrid courses in our catalog will be available as soon as the colleges reopen.

These online courses will continue to be part of our comprehensive course catalog.

CGMP Overview for Pharmaceuticals
CGMP for Pharma outlines the fundamentals of current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) used by pharmaceutical and biomanufacturing companies. CGMP exists to...
FDA Audit Preparation
FDA Audit Preparation is designed to help create an environment of preparedness to instill a culture of quality assurance by raising the awareness of FDA...
Disinfection, Sterilization, and Containment
This course introduces principles of contamination and containment for the biopharmaceutical industry along with responses using various procedures and...
Cleanroom Gowning
Aseptic gowning is a system of donning apparel to prevent the contamination of aseptic processing areas. The Cleanroom Gowning course will establish a...
CGMP Overview for Medical Devices
This course provides an overview of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) principles, requirements, and expectations for compliance with the Current Good...
Aseptic Processing: Concepts
Aseptic processing is utilized to prevent contamination and manufacture sterile products to ensure patient safety. Contamination of these drug products via the...