Lesson Description Explore the aseptic suite and learn the proper technique for aseptic gowning as used in clean room environments. Begin the gowning procedure by selecting a gowning method (Top Down, Bottom Up or Inside Out) and the level of gowning (General, Stage 1 or Stage 2). From there, follow the proper protocols and techniques to suit up before entering the area of the clean room you have selected.

Additional Learning Resources For more information on what was covered in the lesson, follow these useful links to learn more about specific aspects of aseptic gowning.

General Lab Resources   • Sterile Gowning Procedures
  • Virtual Microscope
  • Centrifugation
  • Lyophilization
  • Spectrophotometry

BioNetwork   •

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CPU: Requires SSE2 instruction set support. SSE2 is supported by almost all processors sold since 2006.

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