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BioWork 7010: Personnel & Environmental Monitoring, Microbiology Overview


Environmental monitoring and microbiological testing play critical roles in ensuring the safety of patents and the efficacy of drugs and biologics by preventing their contamination with microbes. In this experiment, we’…

BioWork 7030: Aseptic Transfers on an Open Bench


Transferring sterile liquids or cultures from one container to another is one of the most common tasks you'll perform in biomanufacturing. It's a skill that requires mental focus and attention to detail in order to…

BioWork 7040: Sterilizing Liquids - Autoclaving and Filtration


The autoclave and sterile filtration are two common techniques we use to sterilize liquids and protect patients. In this demo, we’ll make some culture media and split it into three fractions. Then we’ll compare an…

BioWork 7060: Detergent Experiment – Disinfecting Surfaces with Chemicals


There’s not a “one size fits all” approach to eliminating microbes. You have to follow very specific procedures - SOPs - in order to know the right chemicals to use in the right combinations and at the right times. And…

Brunswick Community College Center for Aquaculture & Biotechnology


Brunswick Community College has many offerings to prepare students for the biotech and aquaculture workforce. This brief video provides an overview of the program. More information is available online at http://www.…

Capstone Center


Capstone Center in Raleigh is BioNetwork's premiere worker training facility.  At Capstone, fundamental scientific understanding meets hands-on application.  Our industry-experienced instructors lead courses…

Career Development

eLearning Series

Successfully landing a job in the biopharma industry starts with a strong resume and excellent interview skills. In this series, you will learn valuable tips and guidelines that will ensure you stand out from the…

Career Fair Tips


The BioNetwork Career Fair provides students and employers with a dedicated forum to meet both virtually and face-to-face to discuss career opportunities. This exercise will guide you through several tips…

Carrot Prep


The "Experiments in Biotechnology" video series is a production of NC BioNetwork in partnership with Haywood and Western Piedmont Community Colleges and features demonstrations of 8 laboratory experiments.



This module includes the basics of centrifugation, effects of gravity on particles in suspension, operation of a centrifuge, differential centrifugation, basic components, hazards and safety.