Wicked Problems: Novel Approaches to Critical Issues

Wicked Problems: Novel Approaches to Critical Issues

Wicked Problems
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July 16, 2019*
9101 Fayetteville Road
Raleigh, NC 27603

A wicked problem is a social and scientific problem that is difficult to resolve because of incomplete or contradictory knowledge, constantly changing variables, and interconnectedness with other problems. Join us as we dive into some of the wicked problems plaguing modern society, hear from local experts working to combat these problems, and leave with the confidence to address these issues with your students. Topics that may be discussed include: climate change, gene editing technology, crop production, and synthetic biology.

Sold Out


To define and understand what "wicked problems", or critical issues, are within modern science and society and build educator confidence in broaching these topics in their own classrooms.


  • Define wicked problems and complexities surrounding their resolution
  • Presentations from North Carolina Science leaders on these issues and potential solutions.
  • Explore ways to utilize authentic investigations, like wicked problems, to engage students


  • Earn 2.2 CEUs
  • Receive a copy of all workshop materials
  • Be provided lunch and refreshments daily
  • Receive lodging assistance (shared and private) if the attendee lives more than 50 miles away from the workshop location.