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Clinical Research Study Management
Clinical research trials can be very complex and time consuming. This eLearning module will introduce you to how clinical trials of a... read more
Validation Fundamentals
In this short eLearning course, you'll learn the fundamentals of process and equipment validation in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.... read more
Deliberate Documentation
Hi, I’m Mia! Let's discover how documentation is kept and used in a regulated manufacturing environment. So why is documentation important... read more
Zombie College: The 5 Rules of Lab Safety
The zombie apocalypse has started because students failed to follow the 5 Rules of Lab Safety! But you can set things right by working... read more
You've just been hired as a quality assurance inspector for a research testing company. Your job is to talk to employees in the aliquoting... read more
This interactive lesson covers the basics of Spectrophotometry including: a general overview of spectrophotometry, operation of a... read more
Lab Safety
BioNetwork’s Introduction to Lab Safety covers important considerations including: Proper Attire PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Safe... read more
High Performance Liquid Chromotography (HPLC)
Learn the high level concepts of High Performance Liquid Chromatography by finding out which has more caffeine - an energy drink or coffee... read more
pH Meter Calibration
Practice performing a three point calibration of a pH meter using buffer solutions.
Media Preparation
Culture media is a liquid or gel designed to support the growth of a variety of different types of organisms or cells. In this interactive... read more
Performance Verification of a Balance
This lab will give you a chance to practice working with an analytical balance. You will weigh four items to check the balance response at... read more
In science, we use equations as a tool for showing a relationship between two or more entities. Using equations allows us to create a... read more
Significant Figures
Significant figures are a way of showing the precision of a number or group of numbers. Significant figures are important because they tell... read more
Vin Sim (Vineyard Simulator)
Select a site, choose a grape variety, build a trellis, prune your vines, and harvest your grapes in this 20-minute Viticulture simulation.
Scientific Notation
In science, it is not unusual for us to use either very large or very small numbers in our measurements and equations. Before the advent of... read more