EASE (Effective Authentic Science Event)

EASE (Effective Authentic Science Event)

EASE (Effective Authentic Science Event)

Would you like to host hundreds of prospective students on your college campus for a fun day of science and mystery? EASE (Effective Authentic Science Event) is a one-day outreach program for middle school students with the goal of showing them that science is fun, and that the local community college is a good first choice for STEM education. EASE combines video with realistic hands-on activities that highlight the science behind forensics. First, students watch a short film that sets the stage for a crime scene investigation:

While filming a new episode of the paranormal TV show, Spirit Tracker, the show’s camera operator goes missing.  The location is said to be haunted.  Is her disappearance the result of otherworldly forces, or is it foul play?  Private investigator, Sam West, is on the scene, but it's up to the forensics team to solve the mystery.  

Students run the crime lab and use forensic science to test each piece of evidence.  Experiments include electrophoresis, chromatography, blood typing, tread analysis, and powder identification. 

Why should my college host this event?
Middle school is a critical age for career exploration, and BioNetwork provides all of the materials to make it easy for your college to reach out to these young students.  With the ready-to-go EASE program, you'll introduce future students to your faculty, facilities, and programs.  Impress your community stakeholders, administration, and board of trustees. An event like this is guaranteed to bring positive press to your campus.

Watch EASE in action!
BioNetwork conducted a pilot program with students from West Craven Middle School.  
Watch the EASE Pilot video

"What a fantastic opportunity to introduce students to STEM careers! BioNetwork’s EASE program engaged our students in authentic assessment. They were able to use 21st century skills, collaboration, and higher order thinking strategies to solve a realistic crime scene scenario. Programs like this can really build a college and career pipeline starting in the middle school classroom."

Ashley Faulkenberry - Principal, West Craven Middle School

So are you ready to recruit with EASE?  
Contact our Engagement team to learn how.  If you have questions or would like to learn more, you may also contact Tanya McGhee, Senior Director of Engagement.

Note for Middle School Teachers
Would you like your students to participate in EASE?  Contact our Engagement team, and we'll connect you to your local community college.  

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