Downstream processing in biomanufacturing is a multi-step process of recovery and purification.


Downstream processing in biomanufacturing is a multi-step process of recovery and purification of desired products from a complex mixture of cell proteins, nucleic acids, membranous material, sugars and salts. A number of important pharmaceutical products such as insulin, antibiotics, monoclonal antibodies (Mab’s) and vaccines are purified through downstream processing methodologies. The required purity and efficacy of drug products can be achieved by various separation and purification steps such as centrifugation, diafiltration, ultrafiltration and chromatography; a combination of two or three of these processes, based on the physical and chemical properties of the desired product, are utilized for successful isolation and purification of the product. Students will learn fundamental recovery and purification concepts via hands-on training in sample preparation, high performance liquid chromatography, column packing, column performance testing, instrument calibration, ion exchange chromatography and hydrophobic interaction chromatography. 

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