QuickBooks Online for Natural Products Businesses

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Laptop and chart
Level: Beginner
Lecture Hours: 1.00
Lab Hours: 1.00
Total Contact Hours: 2.00


This hands-on workshop will help you set up and customize a new company file using QuickBooks Online. This course will combine an introduction to the program as well as hands-on learning with QuickBooks. We will have PCs for the class, but please feel free to bring your own laptop if you prefer. Participants without QuickBooks Online accounts can sign up for a free trial at the start of class.

Topics Include

- Setting up a Quickbooks online account.

- Getting to know the chart of accounts

- Tips and tricks for inventory management and billing

- General program usage skills

Learning Objectives

- Particpants will gain hands-on experiences working with the basic features of this program.

- At the end of class, participants will have the outline of their bookkeeping system in place and understand how to move forward.

- Participants will understand how their business formation affect their Quickbooks set-up.


Entrepreneurs, business managers or owners, bookkeepers, others interested in learning the program.