Oral Solid Dose (OSD) Manufacturing

Oral Solid Dose (OSD) Manufacturing

BioNetwork’s Oral Solid Dose manufacturing course is the perfect training solution for all employees within pharmaceutical manufacturing industry at all levels to gain a fast and comprehensive understanding of the tablet and capsule manufacturing process - from powder to pill. This is especially useful for those who are operators in this field. All North Carolina OSD manufacturers are eligible to participate.  

Our 20-hour course (over 2.5 days) examines each unit dose operation and equipment for formulation, blending, granulation, milling, tableting, tooling, coating, encapsulation, and troubleshooting tablet defects.

The course is offered exclusively at the Pharmaceutical Services Network OSD facility located at Pitt Community College in Greenville, NC. The facility opened in 2018 and is commissioned with modern, industry-grade equipment.

Greg Smith is BioNetwork’s OSD instructor and primary point of contact. Greg has been trained by the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering and is certified by Techceuticals, the course publisher.


  • All North Carolina OSD manufacturing companies are eligible to participate.
  • The course is designed to serve employees at all levels of production including new hires, recent transfers, managers, QA, R&D, supervisors, leads, and operators.
  • The course accommodates up to 16 participants at one time.

Topics Include

  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients
  • Wet and dry granulation techniques
  • LOD-water content, bulk density, particle size distribution, and angle of repose granule testing
  • Flow optimization through milling
  • Particle interactions based on size, distribution, shape, surface texture, cohesivity, surface coating, particle interaction, electrostatic charge, compaction recovery, and attrition
  • Weight control, setup, compression, and operation of a tablet press
  • Coating to improve a tablet’s strength, taste, color, handling, and sustained release characteristics
  • Troubleshooting tablet defects such as laminating, chipping, double pressing, picking, and friability
  • Tooling calibration of punches and dies
  • Operation of the tablet press to produce oral solid dose tablets
  • Capsule filler operation
  • FDA regulations, cGMP, safety, and documentation requirements

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the principles of the tablet and capsule manufacturing process.
  • Successfully manufacture oral solid dose drugs from powder to pill.
  • Apply cGMP principles to think critically, troubleshoot, and problem solve.
  • Communicate more effectively with other manufacturing groups within the company.  
  • Understand how OSD machines operate and why one technology is preferred over another.


This course must be taught at a BioNetwork location.

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Oral Solid Dose (OSD) Manufacturing

Level: Intermediate

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Instructor Pool

Greg Smith

Contact to Schedule

Greg Smith
Office: 252-757-3590
Mobile: 252-531-8263
Email: gsmith@ncbionetwork.org

Pitt Community College
1800 North Greene Street, Suite G
Greenville, NC 27834
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