Operations in Biotechnology Processes: An Overview

Operations in Biotechnology Processes: An Overview

This course will focus on the details of the typical processing procedures utilized to produce a biopharmaceutical product. An understanding of the science and the equipment commonly used in each process step will be presented along with a review of the basic biochemistry involved in biotechnology and current pharmaceutical applications. Hands-on laboratory exercises will provide experience in the fermentation, product isolation, and purification of a protein.

This course must be taught at a BioNetwork location.

Level: Advanced
Lecture Hours: 16.00
Lab Hours: 16.00
Total Contact Hours: 32.00

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Topics Include

This 4-day, 8-hour course covers the following topics:

  • Science of Biotechnology
  • Basic cGMP principles
  • Recombinant DNA techniques
  • Upstream Fermentation Processes
  • Brief history of fermentation, metabolism and growth
  • Fermentation principles,equipment, controls and monitoring
  • Bioreactor component identification
  • Gene Expression Systems
  • Chemistry of Proteins
  • Downstream Processes
  • Principles of Chromatography (Size exclusion, affinity, ionic exchange, hydrophobic interaction)
  • Supernatant for chromatography preparation
  • Chromatography system component identification
  • Ultrafiltration, Evaporation, Precipitation, Liquid extraction and Crystallization
  • Cell Disruption
  • Electrophoresis

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the fundamental science behind biotechnology and its application in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Discuss basic science, equipment, and processing steps typically utilized in the production, isolation and purification of a biopharmaceutical product.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with common instrumentation used in the production, isolation and purification of a biopharmaceutical product.


This course is designed for entry level process technicians, incumbent workers as well as experienced professionals in Manufacturing, Quality Management or Senior Management positions in the biopharmaceutical industry.