Career Readiness: Building Your Brand - Success in BioWork


Acquire skills to write a professional resume specific to Biotechnology beyond the basics to launch your new career. An industry-specific elevator pitch, interviewing techniques and 15-minute mock interviews will be conducted in this online course. Learn how to network more effectively, how to ace those difficult "tell me about a time when..." interview questions, how to create a Linkedin profile, and more. Gain additional knowledge, skills, and experience that puts you ahead of the competition.

Note: Tuition and fees for HRD courses may be waived for individuals who meet the criteria.

For questions related to the fee waiver, please contact Latoya R. Brower, Director/Instructor, Essential Career & Employability Skills, at or 919-718-7073   

If NOT eligible for fee waiver course cost is $125


Designed for those unemployed, underemployed or would like to learn more to enhance their biotechnology career development skills.


Biotechnology resume writing, interviewing skills, and Linkedin profile creation


Module 1 - Biotechnology Resume Writing

  • Learn to create a professional resume
  • Review industry-specific resume samples
  • Obtain effective resume writing methods
  • Acquire skills to update and maintain created resume

Module 2 - Biotechnology Elevator Pitch and Interview Skills

  • Learn to answer industry-specific interview questions
  • Review what to bring to a face-to-face or virtual interview 
  • Obtain effective interviewing methods, such as STAR Technique
  • Acquire skills to create an elevator pitch

Module 3 - Linkedin Profile Creation and Checklist/Survey

  • Learn to create a professional Linkedin profile with photo
  • Review, connect, and follow professionals and industries
  • Obtain effective Linkedin networking methods
  • Acquire skills to effectively upload resume and post-professional announcements
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