Career Development: Social Media and Your Career

Career Development: Social Media and Your Career

This virtual course focuses on social media etiquette and professionalism. Participants will learn about and discuss positive behaviors on various social media sites (i.e. Facebook & Instagram) and strategies to develop an effective LinkedIn account. If you are unemployed, underemployed or received notification of a pending layoff, you may qualify for a tuition waiver to cover the cost of this class. 100% Online Instruction



For those unemployed or underemployed or would like to learn more to enhance their career development skills.

Topics Include

  • Social Media Platforms
  • Social Media Etiquette
  • Social Media Representation
  • Social Media & Professionalism

Learning Objectives

  • Apply social media etiquette across various social media platforms;
  • Understand and demonstrate positive & appropriate behaviors across various social media platforms; and
  • Create a positive & strong personal/professional online presence utilizing professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn.
Social Media & Your Career

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Level: Beginner

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Delivery Options

Live Instructor Led
Delivered online with a Live Instructor teaching the course at a scheduled date and time.

College Options

Colleges that are able to offer this course.

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