Capturing the Wild Color of Fall

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Naturally dyed yarn
Level: Beginner
Lecture Hours: 0.00
Lab Hours: 3.00
Total Contact Hours: 3.00
Currently Offered
Capturing the Wild Color of Fall - Class begins October 11, 2018


Bring home the magnificent gold of Golden Rod! Join experienced dyer, Kelly Gaskill, in an exploration of the wide range of color that can be extracted from our local plants. This class will have an emphasis on local dye-plant identification and will walk through the botanical dyeing process from harvest to final product. Participants will create several dye baths, learn techniques for color extraction, and how mordants help set and change the final color. This hands-on class will result in 4-5 take-home samples of colors on wool, silk, or cotton as well as a few botanical prints on cotton or silk.

Topics Include

Local dye-plant identification

Botanical dyeing process from harvest to final product

Creation of dye baths

Techniques for color extraction

How mordants help set and change the final colorh

Botanical prints

Learning Objectives

Participans will learn several examples of local plants that make interesting dyes

Learn how to create a dye-bath and affect color change through the mordanting process

Gain hands-on experience dyeing different fabrics and learn how this affects final color


Entrepreneurs, botanists, chemists, artists, herbalists, gardeners