Advanced Cleaning Validation

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Level: Advanced
Lecture Hours: 12.00
Lab Hours: 4.00
Total Contact Hours: 16.00


This course will build on the fundamentals of cleaning validation by expanding into development of cleaning programs utilized in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Prevention of product adulteration and product cross-contamination is critical to the manufacture of safe and efficacious drugs. Cleaning validation plays a crucial role in ensuring the delivery of intended product to the public.This course will contain both lecture and laboratory sections.

Topics Include

This 2 day, 16 hour course covers the following topics:

  • Mechanisms of cleaning biopharmaceutical  soils
  • Product changeover
  • Soil cleanability studies
  • Overview of Clean-in-Place (CIP) and equipment  systems
  • Contamination and other relevant aspects of a cleaning program

Learning Objectives

  • Design a cleaning validation program to include:
    • Overview of sampling  methodologies and sampling strategies
    • Validation documentation examples
    • Considerations for regulatory filings and audits
  • Development of soil cleanability studies:
    • Laboratory methodologies
    • Application of results to cleaning validation  and  full-scale manufacturing
  • Role of the cleaning validation in product   change-over programs
    • Risk analysis of product changeover
    • Differences in clinical and commercial  product changeover
    • Product changeover strategies
  • Apply knowledge via hands-on experiences:  
    • Examine and disassembly of cleaning  equipment
    • Operation of a cleaning system to examine  fundamental operation, cycle design,  cleaning solutions and sampling locations
    • Discuss typical failures and contamination


Employees within manufacturing, Quality Control and Quality Assurance and all others with responsibilities in cleaning activities will derive benefit from this course.