Advanced Biomanufacturing Training Program

Advanced Biomanufacturing Training Program

This hybrid course offers 2 separate certifications. Students who complete all sections of this multiple certificate program will gain knowledge in advanced Bioprocessing practices. Students who enroll may choose to take only one or two of the sections in this offering. The attendance requirement for two sections must be met to earn an overall Satisfactory grade for the course.


Advanced Process Technician positions in Bioprocessing, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical Manufacturing.

Topics Include

The Advanced Bioprocessing Certificate includes 6 modules, covering 64 hours: 

  • Safety in Biomanufacturing Environments
  • Advanced Quality Systems
  • Applied Chemical Processes
  • Validation
  • Applied Sterile Processing
  • Applied Cell Culture; as derived from the Bioprocessing In The Workplace® curriculum.

The Aseptic Training Certificate includes 4 modules covering 60 hours: 

  • Introduction to Aseptic Manufacturing
  • Gowning for the Aseptic Environment
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Aseptic Product Fill-line Operation. This portion of the course prepares individuals to work in aseptic pharmaceutical, biomanufacturing, and chemical manufacturing environments.

There are exams at the end of each Module listed above. 

Coaching by Career Development Counselor includes 2 sessions covering 8 hours:

Training in:

  • Resume Writing
  • Applying for jobs online
  • Interview skills assistance
  • And / or relevant job search and job attainment topics. 

Learning Objectives

The Advanced BioManufacturing Training Certificate Program will allow students to gain technical skills and knowledge needed for advanced process technician positions in Bioprocessing, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical Manufacturing. It will aid both students and those already working in the field to increase their knowledge and add to their skill set. This course can also be used by industry to supplement incumbent worker skills.

Advanced Biomanufacturing Training Program

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Level: Advanced

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Delivery Options

A combination of online and face-to-face components.

College Options

Colleges that are able to offer this course.

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