Analytical Training Laboratory

Analytical Training Laboratory Winston-Salem, NC
525 Vine St
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Phone: 336-734-7651


The Analytical Training Lab is home to next-generation testing and DNA sequencing equipment.  On-site equipment rental services are available to clients seeking to further their own product development. 

Lab Equipment
Analytical Balance Model: XP205
Analytical Balance Model: XS64
Autoclave Model: 2540E
Bacti-Cinerator Model: IV
Balance Model: XP-300
Balance Model: TX323L
Bead Bath Model: 714L
Bioanalyzer Model: 2101
Bioanalyzer Model: 2100
Biosafety Cabinet Model: 1300
Centrifuge Model: 5424
Centrifuge Model: Mini-Fuge
Colony Counter Model: 13332700
Compound Microscope Model: 12563323
Compound Microscope Model: 59-0959
DNA Engine Thermocycler Model: PTC-200
Elga Ultrapure Water Model: Purelab Option Q
Freezer Model: 1903CA
Freezer Model: LF201WWW/0M
GC Model: 7890b
GC Model: GC-2010
GC-MS Model: GCMS-QP 2010S
Gel Apparatus Model: Mini-PROTEAN
Gel Apparatus Model: B1-BP
HPLC Model: Alliance e2695
HPLC Model: Alliance e2795
Incubator Model: Heratherm IGS 100
Karl Fischer Titration System Model: 852 Titrando
LC-MS Model: Acquity Classic-Single Quadrupole
LC-MS Model: Acquity Classic-Tandem Quadrupole
Micropipette Model: Various
Microplate Shaker Model: DMS-2500
Nanodrop Model: ND2000
Next-Gen Sequencer Model: NextSeq 500
pH Meter Model: XL15
Plate-Centrifuge Model: C2001
Power Source Model: 250V
Power Source Model: E0303
Real-Time PCR Model: 7500 FAST
Refrigerator Model: NSFR241WMW/DM
Rotary Evaporator Model: RV10DS1
Sonicator Model: 8510R-DTH
Sonicator Model: 1510R-MTH
Sonicator Model: XL-2000
Stereomaster Model: 12563411
Transilluminator Model: 1-1430
Transilluminator Model: LMS 26
UPLC Model: Acquity Classic
UPLC Model: Acquity H-Class
UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Model: UV-1800