Natural Products Laboratory

Natural Products Laboratory Asheville, NC
1463 Sand Hill Road
Tech Commercialization Center (TCC)
Candler, NC 28715
Phone: 828-398-7947


The Natural Products Lab offers analytical and quality assurance testing services and onsite equipment rentals for life science businesses, entrepreneurs, and researchers. We’re always looking to expand our services by working on new projects. Contact us to talk about method development, testing, and training opportunities. Visit to learn more.

Lab Equipment
Analytical Balance Model: Adventurer Pro
Analytical Balance Model: MX-5
Ashing Furnace Model: F6028C-60
Autoclave Model: SM/SE 510
Autotitrator Model: Toledo G20, Rondolino
Biosafety Cabinet Model: Delta Series
Blender Model: 51BL30
Circulating Water Bath Model: 4100/R20
Climate Chamber Model: ICH
CO2 & Air Tester Model: 7001
Compound Microscope Model: M10LB-P
Compound Microscope Model: Eclipse-E200
Cyclone Mill Model: Tecator Cyclotec 1093
Floor Centrifuge Model: RC6+
Freezer Model: LF201WWW
Freezer, -80 °C Model: ULT1186
GC - FID Model: Trace 1300
GC - FID with autosampler Model: GC-2010
GC - FID with HS Model: GC-2010 + HS-10
HPLC Model: Prominence
HPLC detector - ELSD Model: ELSD-LTII
HPTLC Derivatizer Model: 22.6030
HPTLC Visualizer Model: TLC Visualizer
Ice Maker Model: F-300BAF or F-450MAH
Incubated Shaker Model: Innova 4000
Incufridge Model: RS-IF-203
Isotemp Incubator Model: 650F
Karl Fischer Titration system Model: Toledo C20
Lyophilizer Model: FreeZone 6
Melting Point Tester Model: SMP50
Micro Centrifuge Model: Accuspin Micro
Micropipette Model: Various
Nitrogen Evaporator Model: N-EVAP
Packaged Beverage Analyzer PFD Model: PBA-B with PFD
pH Meter Model: XL150
Precision Balance Model: Explorer
Precision Balance Model: Explorer EX423/E
Refractometer Model: ABBE-3L
Repeat Pipette Dispenser Model: Various
Rotary Evaporator Model: R-215
Shell Freezer Model: Benchtop
Sonicator Model: 15337418
Sonicator Model: FS140D
Sonicator Model: 2510R-DTH
Stereomicroscope Model: Stereomaster 12-563-515JT
Stomacher Mixer Model: 400C
Tabletop Centrifuge Model: Legend
Tabletop Centrifuge Model: ST8
Vacuum Oven Model: Isovac 282A
Viscometer Model: Viscotester VT1
Viscometer Model: Viscotester VT2
Water, reagent grade Model: Elix 5
Water, ultrapure Model: Elga Purelab Flex2
Wrist-action Shaker Model: EL680Q