Preparation & Purification of Biological Samples for HPLC Analysis

Preparation & Purification of Biological Samples for HPLC Analysis

Learn sample preparation and purification techniques used in HPLC determination of trace levels of organic compounds such as drug and pesticide residues in biological samples. The lectures cover techniques employed for obtaining representative samples, sample extraction and purification techniques, including solid-phase extraction and liquid-liquid partitioning, as well as basic analytical approaches and instruments (HPLC) used in trace organic analysis. Laboratory sessions provide hands-on experience reflective of methods discussed in lecture.

Date(s): 10/31/2015 to 11/21/2015
Day(s): Saturday
Class Time: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Location: Capstone Center at Raleigh
Building: BTEC Room: 202
Instructor: Dr. Gerald Picard
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Tuition: $250

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