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Spirit Tracker
During filming of a new "Spirit Tracker" episode, the show's camera operator, Chelsea, goes missing.  The location is said to be haunted.  ... read more
Lake Monster
For over 50 years, immunoassays have been used by physicians, biologists, and forensic scientists to diagnose disease, detect contamination... read more
NC Craft Beverage Training - Teaser
This teaser video provides a brief overview of the craft brewing movement that has swept across North Carolina in recent years. It shows NC... read more
Craft Beverage Training in North Carolina
This program surveys the craft brewing movement that has swept across North Carolina in recent years, and highlights how our community... read more
Craft Beverage Training at A-B Tech
Asheville, NC has become a destination for craft beverage producers—with about 20 such facilities in the immediate area—and for fans of... read more
Craft Beverage Training at Rockingham Community College
A look at the craft beverage training that takes place in tiny Wentworth, North Carolina, and the impact that it has—and can have—on the... read more
Craft Beverage Training at Blue Ridge Community College
This is a quick look at an important addition to the local scene, both in social and economic terms. Blue Ridge Community College’s (Flat... read more
Bioprocessing Part 3: Purification
This video is the third in a series of three videos depicting the major stages of industrial-scale fermentation: fermentation, separation/... read more
Lab Safety Lesson 1: Proper Dress and PPE
The lab environment is hazardous by nature. The actual risk is largely determined by you and those working with you. It's your... read more
NC Life Science
This video surveys examples of life science-related training provided by NC Community Colleges for local employers, and how that training... read more
Foundations of Clinical Research
Angela Kimel provides a brief overview of the clinical research industry and career opportunities in North Carolina including: * What is a... read more
Lab Safety Lesson 2: Safety Equipment
In this lesson, we'll talk about safety equipment found in the lab. These items may help you save a life - if and when - an accident occurs... read more
Lab Safety Lesson 3: Behavior
Your behavior goes a long way to insuring that the lab is a safe environment for everyone. • Follow SOPs • Never eat, drink, chew gum, or... read more
Lab Safety Lesson 4: Chemical Hazards
Many of the chemicals we use in the lab are potentially dangerous, especially under high heat, pressure, or when they're mixed with other... read more
Lab Safety Lesson 5: Safe Chemical Handling
It's vital that you prepare for each lab activity by determining the possible risks, donning the right PPE, and be aware of any protective... read more
Media Prep
Explore our free Interactive E-Learning Tools at In order to grow, cells need very specific environmental... read more
How to Use an Autoclave
There are a lot of products that need to be sterilized: pharmaceuticals, equipment, solutions, medical waste, and even tattoo needles! We... read more
Aseptic Gowning for the Cleanroom
One of the primary safeguards that life science companies use to help prevent contamination in cleanroom operations is Gowning. Gowning is... read more
Preparing Tris Buffer
Tris is a buffer that's used to maintain a stable pH when working with solutions in the lab. In this video, we'll demonstrate the steps for... read more
Understanding Serological Pipettes
Serological pipettes are used for measuring and transferring volumes of solution. Your technique must be exact to ensure accurate... read more
Lab Safety Lesson 6: Other General Hazards
In our final video lesson, we'll cover a few other general lab hazards including: • Electrical shock • Burns • Slips, Trips, and Falls •... read more