Industry Support
Look at some of the ways industry benefits from a relationship with BioNetwork.

Industry Support

BioNetwork serves the state’s industries in two ways - in partnership with Customized Training and through course development.

BioNetwork partners with the Customized Training Program, another resource of the NC Community College System, to offer customized career development, open enrollment, and self-support programs for companies across the state. In collaboration, these partners support training needs assessment, instructional design, development and delivery. Customized training projects include customized media development, including process manuals, orientation and process DVDs, and interactive learning solutions. BioNetwork staff works with more than 100 companies statewide each year in support of their individual company needs. For more information, visit Customized Training.

The staff of BioNetwork also develops or enhances training units and modules to support community college curriculum and industry needs.

Area Industries

Area industries can greatly benefit from the wide array of specially-designed training programs and courses offered through BioNetwork. Current and future employees will be better prepared through life science education opportunities that focus on your company’s particular needs.

Look at some of the ways industry can benefit from a relationship with BioNetwork

  • A better trained, highly focused staff of employees means less company downtime.
  • Motivated, confident employees who seek education at the next level set a great example for others.
  • Expansion possibilities open up due to availability of more focused learning within your company.
  • Little or no learning curve on the job for pre-trained employees.

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